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Cull's Auto services are aimed at satisfying the classic car builder. While a major focus is on high caliber engine machine work, we are also involved in some aspects of automotive finishing through the supply of a blast booth able to accommodate a full size 3+3 pickup. This service is popular for stripping everything from frames to bodies and miscellaneous parts! Users can rent the booth and use it themselves with minimal training.


While we do not offer a complete engine machine shop service, what we do offer is aimed at delivering high end results.
  • - Our basic machine shop boasts a high end Colchester Mascot 1600 lathe with all accessories.
  • - Our head shop features a Winona CMC30 air float guide and seat machine supported with 3 angle seat cutters, fixed and adjustable seat cutters, bowl hogs and a Sunnen guide hone.
  • - Our boring equipment starts with a Peterson 447A bar mounted on a Kingston table.
  • - Our Honing is done with a Winona PS2V hone supported with torque plates for large and small block Chevy, Mopar, Ford, and Buick Nailhead and 400 - 455 engines, plus a few others.
  • - Our Rod refinishing is done with a Sunnen LBB1699 rod and pin hone. It is supported by a huge selection of hones.
  • - Surfacing is done on a Storm Vulcan RT17 block and head CBN surfacer. It is supported with a flywheel attachment.
  • - Cleaning is done in a Peterson BK17A Oven. This oven allows us to perform many cast iron repairs. It is backed up with a shot blaster and a Cuda washer.
  • - Balancing is done on a Hines HC500 balancing Center with a full line of support accessories.