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Our Peterson PK447-S boring bar is mounted on a Kansas Instruments boring table for fast and efficient performance.


PK447S with Kingston table


Torque/Honing plates for big and small block Chevy, big and small block Dodge, big and small block Ford, Buick nailhead.

When you finish your cylinders with a torque/honing plate, your engine break in period is significantly reduced because your cylinders are no longe subjected to the distortion created by head bolts.

We finish every bore with a "Plateau Hone", this further breaks down the peaks left by honing, which also contributes to a better, faster break in.


Out of round connecting rods are able to be accuratly rebuilt using our Sunnen 1699 rod and pin hone.

Rod and Pin Hone

Our rod hone is supported by a Sunnen Rod Heater and a Sunnen Cap Grinder.