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Stage I Cylinder Head Conversion

Thermal Cleaning 45.00
Magnaflux 30.00
Replace Guides 160.00
Stage I PLUS conversion
- open runner throats for oversize valves
- unshroud combustion chambers
- 3-angle performance valve job
Resurface heads 120.00
Cast iron guides wet honed to finish 240.00
Stainless valves
2.125 intake, 1.750 exhaust
swirl polished
Exhaust Seats replaced 200.00
Positive valve seals 48.00
Glyptal finished oil return 90.00
TOTAL: 1452.00 $1400.00
Suggested Upgrades for Stage I Heads
Bronze Guides, wet honed 95.00
Plug Exhaust Holes 60.00
Plug AIR holes 40.00
Backcut vavles 40.00
  • Cleaning with our Thermal Cleaning System and shot peened for a "NEW APPEARANCE".
  • Magnafluxed to ensure a solid casting.
  • All thread holes checked and chased
  • Installation of new guides, accurately sized
  • Hoging the valve pockets to Stage I valve size.
  • Unshrouding the combustion chambers
  • State of the art 3-angle performance valve job
  • New stainless valves
  • New springs retainers and locks
  • New brass freeze plugs installed
Buick Stage I Head, Combustion Chamber