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We are able to offer our customer several levels of balancing from a fairly basic rebuilders balance, street strip, or all out.

Yes, we can do Cummins performance diesels along with others.

We can also do industrial balancing up to 500lbs, 3 foot diameter, and 7 foot length.

Why take a chance on power robbing out of balance motors. Balancing is the one item which offers you more power, better economy and long life expectancy.


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Helping you with your repair or classic restoration,
serving Creston, Cranbrook, Nelson, Castlegar,
Trail, in the Kootenays!
Peterson BK17 Oven
Cast Iron cleaning in our Peterson BK17A Oven, kills rust dead!
Boring a Henry J 6 cylinder
Torque/Honing plates for LS, small and big block Chevy, Chrysler 5.7/6.1 Hemi, 273, 340, 360, Chrysler 383, 440, Ford 302-351, Ford 429, 460, Buick 350, Buick 400, 430, 455, Buick Nailhead! - Chev 2.8 V-6 - Cadillac 4.1 - Nissan KA24 - Harley Davidson Shovel and Evo

Shot Blasting in the Peterson Shot Blaster, comes out better than new!
Storm Vulcan CBN surfacer for heads, blocks, and flywheels

Winnona CMC30 with 3 angle Joe Mondello cutters. Also equipped with bowl hogs and adjustable chamber cutters.

Great for those precise oddball jobs
Automotive Bead Booth Yes, we can get a whole car in there!
Hines Balancing Center
Hines engine and crankshaft balancing
Storm Vulcan 15 Crankshaft Balancer
Crankshaft Grinding and Polishing
You can find us here, Creston, in the Kootenays...